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My name is Tim. This is me in a boat.

It’s taken me almost 3yrs to add my name & a pic to this blog. This is me branching out ๐Ÿ™‚

updated 18/09/13



I’m a dreamer. I’m a stirrer.

I love ideas. I love questions.

I enjoy hearing other people’s beliefs & how this affects the way they live their lives. For me, to believe something you have to be living it…

otherwise you just like the idea.

I’ve been a PK (& even an MK) for a good chunk of my life, I’ve been disillusioned with church, I’ve seen the dark-side of ministry.

I’m currently involved in a church. I’m a social worker, I work in a residential school for kids with learning difficulties & behavioral problems. I call Christchurch, New Zealand home.

Some days I could conquer the world & lead the revolution.

Others I struggle to get out of bed…

and when I do I trip & stumble in the muck, often getting to my feet with grazed knees & bleeding hands as I attempt to follow Jesus & wrestle with what that means in the world around me.

welcome to my blog.

You can contact me at


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