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Hitler, Hans & words worth listening to

I inadvertently stumbled on to this the other day while listening to Hans Zimmer on YouTube. The more I looked into this speech, the more fascinated I became with the film and the circumstances around it, take this from IMDB, Gallup polls revealed that 96% of Americans opposed U.S. involvement in the war in Europe,

The Lie We Live


  Thought provoking video from Spencer Cathcart. The transcript can be found here   “We have mastered the act of killing. Now let’s master the joy of living.”

whispers of influence

“We believe that amongst chaos or calm, creativity can bring hope, spark movements and bring change. Even when the earth shakes, small things will make huge differences”. by Richard Burson & Naomi Haussmann  

Wasichu: not for the faint of heart


you’ve been warned Nothing I can say can set this up, moving, powerful, challenging, and not enjoyable at all…. well worth watching.   I don’t know what the appropriate response to this is, I don’t know if their is an appropriate response. It surprises me what we are capable of. It blows my mind what

Slow Hunch


I love the creative process, be it a photo, stencil, poem or blog post. From the formation of an idea – ideas are almost like particles flying around the universe until they collide  & like the big bang, out  of almost nothing comes something – through the ideas evolution, to the satisfaction of viewing its