poems, spoken word


If it rains on the rich and the poor, if the sun shines on the hard worker and those who snore if cancer catches the liar and corrupts the healer then why do I look on my wealth as a sign of approval each dollar a gold star on my good-life tick chart justifying behaviour

before I do

When freedom isn’t freeing, and belief shatters your faith. When grace brings condemnation, and judgement takes love’s place. When numbers are not crucified, and we covert a kingdom cup. When new realities are preached, while old ones are lived out. When politics drive promise, and people are busied with promotions. When vision is as fickle


behind a tranquil monastery is a boundary of forestry hiding a barbed-wire monstrosity a church safe cursed by a razor-wire crown of thorns we must protect our truth, sanctified and clean like we set the standard for what clean is hide your light under a bushel unless it’s sanitized and superficial


Supermarket-church snap-frozen-reheated greetings, cookie-cutter-christians rehearsed prayers and scripted meetings Yahweh’s speechless we’ve hijacked his voice and branded it like sneakers,spread the brand globally sweatshop-manufactured-ministry, unethical in our political standing on others to maintain our status quo checkered shirts, buzz words, clap for yourself ignore the helpless, it’s you who commands and god who follows, enslaved



Here’s to shaking things up, to not knowing your limits & trying to find them. To seeing what you’re made of, to surprising yourself. To impulse & adventure…  to getting rugged. To the Great Ocean walk in 4 days. To sunrises & sunsets & walking constantly in-between, every one of the 100+ K tattooed to


i catch a glimpse of a horizon that expands far beyond what i can see. a powerful wave rises. mesmerizing. booming down, tumbling, swirling, face planted in sand, heart pounds, a brother wave keeps me down, tiny grains of sand abound, adrenaline spike, breaking the surface, gasping for air.   the sun beats down. smile.

i need to learn more how to pray


A friend wrote this, she’s awesome, she’s chasing God where ever that leads. I was going to include it in another post. It deserves to stand alone. It’s beautifully written, a beautiful response to being overwhelmed, a beautiful challenge to safe prayers.       this morning we prayed for Pakistan i said a few


Words. Phrases, still buzzing between my ears… a life of impact, don’t settle for the ordinary, be the change you want to see.   How can I make a difference I think to myself, as I walk out the church door… past someone I know is hurting. How can I make a difference I think