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Re-thinking unforgiveness

I’ve never seen anyone leave. The preacher would say, “if you’re offering your gift at the altar and remember that your brother or sister has something against you, or you against them, leave your gift and go and be reconciled to them” Or something along those lines, a paraphrased Matthew 5:23-24. Often “gift” was worship,

A New Years word: saying no to resolutions

I fail at new years resolutions. Numerous articles suggest we all do. Maybe it’s personality type, maybe I just get discouraged and give up easily, who knows. As part of my job I’m involved in a lot of goal setting, our goals are meant to be SMART, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed. Like a lot

Enter the Void – the year that was


I believe in world peace. I believe that all men are created equal. I believe in the Force, America, freedom, the Tooth Fairy, a bearded man in the sky, Jesus Christ.   Beliefs are cool but in the words of Tyrion Lannister, “words are wind.”   They say faith without works is dead, and I’ve

I prefer to be awake…

  The airstrikes happen everywhere, anytime, day and night. At night is the most difficult time. The bombing intensifies and I can feel it getting closer and closer. I’m exhausted but I try and force myself not to fall asleep… the explosions are even scarier when they wake you up. I prefer to be awake

Ha Ha Osama!!!

Is it dangerous to start a post with a disclaimer? I’m not anti-American, there are many people, places & parts of the American culture that I love, but there are some aspects of their culture & the actions of some individuals/groups that I’d be opposed to. Just like there are aspects within humanity, my own

love doesn’t win: a sad tale of two men

I have a sad tale of two men & how love doesn’t win, but before we get there I have a few puzzle pieces to put together, they are, love wins, neighbours, bagged & tagged, you want answers?!, if you haven’t been following along. The controversy around Love Wins has highlighted for me how defensive

“you want answers?!”

  I think Jack’s right, sometimes we can’t handle the truth. Now I realise that in this day & age of postmodernity, talk of truth & absolute truths presents its own set of difficulties, but now is not the time, so just humour me if you will.   There is truth in other religions, there

bagged & tagged: the death of…

The easiest way to kill an idea is not to interact with it and prove it wrong, but to label it or the persons supporting it & dismiss it.   You may have the greatest idea for the development of humanity,  but if  I call you racist, I never have to interact with the idea,


For some of us, when a new neighbour moves in we feel threatened by this neighbour & view them with suspicion & distrust. Instead of going next door & welcoming them, and sitting down and hearing their story, we dismiss them, they are weird, they are foreign, they’re aliens to our country & to our

love wins?

Rob Bell’s new book, Love Wins, was released amongst quite a stir, controversy creates cash. I did my best to avoid most of it before reading the book, it arrived today, but not all of it could be avoided. This isn’t a book review, not in the traditional sense anyway, although I will make comments