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The Questions

It’s possible to go through Amsterdam airport and not notice the extra security, it’s possible for Schiphol to appear like any other airport… unless you are flying Al El (Israeli Airlines). A quick rewind: I left New Orleans early in the morning, flew to New York then straight out to Helsinki. Arrived in Helsinki at

Bourbon faced on sh!t street

After four days in Springfield I arrive in New Orleans for 2 nights & 1 day, much like Vegas… Bourbon Street is also much like Vegas, just on a much smaller scale. And while you have the same guys standing outside strip clubs encouraging you to “take a break for boobies” there seems to be

Where Dreams Come True

Springfield, Missouri??! It’s the inevitable response I receive when I’m listing off where I’ve been and where I’m going. Springfield, Missouri?!?! But what they don’t know is Springfield is where dreams come true, I know, I’ve got the t-shirt. Back when Y2k was on everyone’s mind, The Matrix was released, people lined up for days



Here’s to shaking things up, to not knowing your limits & trying to find them. To seeing what you’re made of, to surprising yourself. To impulse & adventure…  to getting rugged. To the Great Ocean walk in 4 days. To sunrises & sunsets & walking constantly in-between, every one of the 100+ K tattooed to

earthquake proof bubbles


I’m trying to write two posts at once. You see I don’t want to leave this one up for long without following it up. It’d be to depressing. One post is much happier. It’s not this one.   For those readers who don’t know me, I live in Christchurch, we’ve had 2 destructive quakes in

Dear Me


“what are you doing about it”.   After Dear church, Pink & the President, that’s what I’m left with.   “what are you going to do about it”.     So I get to thinking, wouldn’t it be cool to have a place, a house, a flat with some like-minded people who wouldn’t mind if I

my iPhone challenge


I don’t want to buy an iPhone… or didn’t for a long time. You see a good percentage of my friends immediately became dicks upon purchasing their iPhone, I didn’t want to be one of those people… I still love you.   But then I needed an mp3 player, the last one I had ended

tree hugging conspiracy


As with any conspiracy it starts with little whispers. This is a little whisper. Just a tiny step in the grand scheme of things, certainly nothing ground breaking, certainly no revolution… not yet anyway. But a step non the less, and a step no matter the size is progress and for me, a step in