“you want answers?!”


I think Jack’s right, sometimes we can’t handle the truth. Now I realise that in this day & age of postmodernity, talk of truth & absolute truths presents its own set of difficulties, but now is not the time, so just humour me if you will.


There is truth in other religions, there is truth in atheism, there is truth outside of Christianity.

Take a deep breath, resist the urge to burn me at the stake…


How does a statement like that make you feel?

Some of you would have read that & thought nothing of it, this post is not for you.

Others would have suffered a mild heart attack or a little unease,  just keep taking deep breaths…

Some of us can be quite scared of even contemplating that there is truth outside of Christianity, some of us feel very threatened by it. Our response is often a knee-jerk one, we are quick to pull up the draw bridge before that rider & horse can even get close. Then we like to throw things from the top of our fortress wall or place our hands over our ears pretending nothings amiss.



I’m fortunate enough to have friends of other faiths & beliefs – be they Buddhist, Atheist, or into their Maori-spirituality – and through conversations with them I discover they have some beliefs that can add a richness to my faith or that I find to be true. Such as beliefs about people, family, money, the environment etc. I guess the easiest example of this is, “Religion can be dangerous”, a sentiment often heard from my atheist friends, to which I can respond that, yes I find this to be true.


Is their truth outside of God?

To this I’d say no, God by the very definition of being God would be the ultimate truth.

In essence all truth is Gods truth.

a quick note to postmodernity: I’m not saying that what everyone holds as truth then equals God’s truth.

Which means if there is truth in something else its Gods truth & we don’t need to be afraid of it.


Were the problem creeps in, is that within certain circles we equate;

God as absolute truth = Christianity as absolute truth.

And thus a truth conveyed outside of Christianity = truth outside of God, hence the pulling up the drawbridge and hands over our ears.

Christianity as absolute truth, think about it for a second, there are well over 30,000 different denominations, they can’t all be the absolute truth, some of them don’t even resemble mainstream Christianity.

plus you have finitude & fallenness issues, but I don’t like long posts 🙂


I guess in a round-a-bout way the point of this poorly articulated post, is that we don’t need to be afraid of where we find truth, or what God uses to speak to us.

For some of you this won’t be news, for others it will be an important part of the puzzle, tomorrow I’ll try put the pieces together with a sad tale.


Part of a series of posts reflecting on the release of Rob Bell’s Love Wins book, they are, love wins, neighbours, bagged & tagged, you want answers?!, and Love doesn’t win: a sad tale of two men.


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