Here’s to shaking things up,

to not knowing your limits & trying to find them.

To seeing what you’re made of, to surprising yourself.

To impulse & adventure…  to getting rugged.

To the Great Ocean walk in 4 days.

To sunrises & sunsets & walking constantly in-between, every one of the 100+ K tattooed to my feet.

To blisters born… and torn, shredded feet & blood soaked socks.

To pain that keeps you focused & momentum that keeps you moving. The mental trumping the physical.

To warning signs & learning the hard way.

To pushing yourself, pushing the pace, racing the tide.

Sleeping in a forest, on a beach, under the stars.

Tent up in the dark & down in the rain,  breakfast in the Devils Kitchen.

To snakes… to playing snake-or-stick along the way.

Colourful parrots, skittish wallabies, bandicoots & sleeping koalas. A kangaroo brave enough to eat out of my hand.

Coastal cliff tops & whales below.

Here’s to  pristine beaches, void evidence of  human existence…

to leaving the only footprints on the sand,

to naked dips in the ocean.

To sitting on the beach, knocking back a bourbon, watching the sky turn a myriad of colours as the waves crash in.

Here’s to discovery, to taking the path less travelled,

to getting lost, yet finding something along the way.

A breath of new life in the midst of fatigue.

To the stillness.

The sounds of nature,

soaking it in,

to breathing, to feeling alive.

To Ps.19

to the Creator,


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