things i’ve seen

A candles flicker goes unnoticed on sunshine filled days, yet as tiny as it is, it brings comfort on a cold powerless night. Powerless in more ways than one.

In these past weeks there is  much I’ve seen, so many flickers of light. Hope, like a trick candle that refuses to be extinguished.


Things I wouldn’t have seen on sunshine days.



“this thing isn’t an act of God, this is the earth doing what it does”,  “for me as a Christian, the act of God is in the love and compassion that people are sharing amongst one another”

– Peter Beck, Dean of Christchurch Cathedral.


Flickers of light, acts of God, these are things I’ve seen….

Someone quit their job to run a welfare center because their employer would give them no leave,

& I’ve seen employers give generously.

I’ve seen CEO’s shovelling liquefaction anonymously.

I’ve seen people from worlds apart laugh & cry together.

I’ve seen churches leave the comforts of their four walls and enter the streets, I’ve seen pastors get their hands dirty, denominations working together, rubbing shoulders with other religious groups – not afraid – meeting needs, holding services together, helping together.

I’ve seen churches/ I’ve seen people, step up where there was a gap, not saying “why me?” & give till it hurts.

I’ve seen people fly in to volunteer & people from other countries.

I’ve seen people help, for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do.

I’ve seen generosity in amounts I never thought possible.

I’ve seen helicopters, horse floats, fire engines, party buses, shipping containers full of food, donated & driven from all around the country.

I’ve seen families with no food, water or power, donate bags of clothing, the one thing they could spare.

I’ve seen people share out the last remaining bottles of water, even though they didn’t have enough for themselves.

I’ve seen people invite strangers into their homes, feed the hungry, clothe the naked.


I’ve seen a flicker,

a glimpse of the kingdom…

this is why I have hope for a city, hope for the Church, hope for humanity.

These are the things I’ve seen.

I hope to see them on sunshine days too.

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