Slow Hunch


I love the creative process, be it a photo, stencil, poem or blog post.

From the formation of an idea – ideas are almost like particles flying around the universe until they collide  & like the big bang, out  of almost nothing comes something – through the ideas evolution, to the satisfaction of viewing its final form… knowing that a short while ago it was just a concept.

Knowing that someone in the future my borrow, develop & improve upon your creation in ways you could not have imagined.


The 2 clips below are of  Steven Johnson, talking about creativity, innovation & where ideas come from.




The slow hunch, several of the ideas in this blog have been developing slow hunches,  many have been in the works for the last several years – some a lifetime –  slowly developing, slowly pushing me in a new direction.

I hope this can be a place where our ideas  collide.

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