ring the bells that still can ring

I’m sitting in a beautiful wooden chapel, in a city filled with rubble.

Events still on everyone’s mind, as evidenced by the nervous murmur that ripples across the audience as a gust of wind brings creaks & groans from above.

Yet in the midst of a chaotic week, a city in chaos, a city grieving, there can be found joy & hope, like a flower growing through the rubble. Beauty out of chaos.




And its on this day that two young people, madly in love with each, madly chasing God, are getting married.

I take a deep breath after a hectic week, soaking it in, drawing strength, knowing how awesome they’ll be together & looking forward to what life has in store for them,

looking forward to the future.

This was not a day pretending nothing was amiss, walking wounded were in attendance, an aftershock sent nervous eyes towards the reception ceiling. Tragedy was acknowledge, yet so was the need to celebrate, to have hope.

A quote from Leonard Cohen is given, “ring the bells that still can ring”.

It couldn’t have been more fitting.

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