my iPhone challenge


i really really really Neeeeeeeeeed thisI don’t want to buy an iPhone… or didn’t for a long time.

You see a good percentage of my friends immediately became dicks upon purchasing their iPhone, I didn’t want to be one of those people…

I still love you.


But then I needed an mp3 player, the last one I had ended up with a friend in need.

And I wanted one that I could play cool little videos on as well…

I could go with an iPod Touch, I could live with myself if I made that purchase.


But I also needed some sort of PDA, because I have some many dates, numbers & information scattered around on wall planners, post it notes, calendars, diary’s, cellphone, computers…

too much info, too many different places, too hard to keep track of.

I also needed a new phone, mine is rubbish, the screen is dying, I have to jump through several hoops just to find out who sent me that text.

I need a camera that can take pics & vids as well…


Because I NEEDED all this stuff an iPhone began to seem attractive, I could almost justify it to myself…



I could almost justify selling my soul.

It’s funny how we use the word “need”, especially when we have none.

I have food, clothing, a roof over my head, good friends & family, Great friends, family & God.

I have no need.


I’ve been saving for this iPhone for a couple of months now, next week I’ll have enough, it’ll cost me $799 (nzd) + a $40.85 per month 2yr commitment.

Next week I’d planned to buy an iPhone

Still I wonder what this money could do for someone in need, I wonder what need I can find in this city.


I can live without an mp3 player, the random conversations on the bus are better.

I can continue to live in my cluttered unorganized life, I’m a cluttered and unorganized person.

I can live with a dying cell phone, if we have some random conversation is probably because I think your someone else.


I’m thankful I have no need,

I wonder what little I can do to alleviate someone else’s.

This is my iPhone challenge.

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