love doesn’t win: a sad tale of two men

I have a sad tale of two men & how love doesn’t win, but before we get there I have a few puzzle pieces to put together, they are, love wins, neighbours, bagged & tagged, you want answers?!, if you haven’t been following along.

The controversy around Love Wins has highlighted for me how defensive some Christian circles can be. People throwing books out because they’re no longer in complete agreement, books they once held dear.

You won’t agree 100% with me, don’t throw your computer out… it’s a waste


I’m glad I don’t agree with 100% of what I read all the time, I’m glad I don’t agree 100% with other people, with other Christians, with those in my church. I’d be concerned if I did…

I would think that’s a very dangerous place to be in.


Regardless of whether Rob Bell is a universalist or an alien from another planet, there is some great truth in Love Wins.

It’s a shame to see so many people pick up the book to see if he’s this or that & miss those truths.


The point I’m trying to make through these last few posts is that we need to be more tolerant of others views, not so quick to judge, not too scared to dialogue with. I’m reminded of part of a quote on patience I posted early in the week, “Patience with others is Love”.

Rob Bell is on a journey, just like the rest of us are…

“If I upset you, don’t stress, never forget, that God hasn’t finished with me yet” – Tupac Shakur.

it’s funny where truth turns up.

Which leads me to a story of two men and why we should be patient with others (it’s not just all PC bullsh!t).

These two men are both named Rob Bell, one lives in England, the other America. One is a pastor, writer, speaker, husband & father, among other things.

The other designs web pages.

Rob Bell entered the top 10 twitter trends over one weekend, you heard me correct, the top 10! of all the things going on in the world the announcement of Love Wins generated that much discussion, controversy, backlash.

On twitter the ‘Love Wins’ Rob Bell is realrobbell,

the web designer Rob Bell is robbell.


You can see where this would cause problems.

A fair amount of angry tweets were sent the web designers way (to his credit he handled it well & in good humour).

But it wasn’t just twitter, it was Facebook statuses, it was conversations, blogs, radio interviews, web cams…


John 13:34-35


Really? We are known as followers of Jesus by how we love each other?

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Apologies to both Rob Bells, on this day love didn’t win, clearly we just don’t get it.


While it’s Rob Bell today, it’ll be someone else tomorrow…

Let us embrace a richer more robust faith, that isn’t walking around on egg shells, afraid of questions, of disagreement, of getting it wrong.

Take a cake to a neighbour, hear where others are coming from,

be careful with toe tags & how we label,

let the walls down & don’t be afraid of where you may find truth,

Let us Love.

In the end God wins.


Part of a series of posts reflecting on the release of Rob Bell’s Love Wins book, they are, love wins, neighbours, bagged & tagged, you want answers?!, and Love doesn’t win: a sad tale of two men.


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