i need to learn more how to pray


A friend wrote this, she’s awesome, she’s chasing God where ever that leads.

I was going to include it in another post.

It deserves to stand alone.

It’s beautifully written, a beautiful response to being overwhelmed, a beautiful challenge to safe prayers.





morning we prayed for Pakistan

i said a few things to God,

things a thought i needed to say…

i used words and phrases like love. peace. dear Lord.

then i realized. i dont know how to pray. i dont know how to pray for something that is SO much bigger than myself. that doesnt make sense in my mind.

i dont know what it feels like to watch my daughter being swept away in a flood

i dont know

and so i asked the Holy Spirit

how to pray for this. what it meant to pray for this

because our rehearsed safe prayers

the ones that roll of our lips

the ones without the reality of the pain

they are not enough for

the widow

the homeless

the starving

the woman who is to weak

to break down and scream for her families sake.

i felt a part of my heart break

and the tears roll in silence

as He broke me. just slightly. but enough to know. that pain could break me completely.

but He is and will be. forever.

i need to learn more how to pray.

Posted on November 4, 2010 by oithisisit


In the face of things so overwhelming, of problems larger than me, where I feel I can be of little change & significance…

I need more than rehearsed safe prayers, I need more than a rehearsed safe life…

I need to learn how to pray.


I need to learn more how to live.

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