Dear Me


“what are you doing about it”.


After Dear church, Pink & the President, that’s what I’m left with.


“what are you going to do about it”.



So I get to thinking, wouldn’t it be cool to have a place, a house, a flat with some like-minded people who wouldn’t mind if I brought a homeless person home & said crash at my place.


It’d be messy.

It’d be tough.

It’d be a ride, that’s for sure.


This year I’ve decided to do just that. It took a long time to reach this decision, a long time. The hardest part was saying goodbye to existing flatmates, friends, brothers really, guys I’ve been with for sometime, one for 5 yrs. We always had fun, life was always entertaining, I’ll miss that & them heaps.


As I began exploring what this would look like I started coming across terms like, “intentional community” and “radical hospitality”. I was excited to see, read & hear about what others were doing.

But I don’t like those terms.

I love what they’re about, not how they’re labelled.


“Radical”, well that’s for radical people. You know, “crazy people”, people “not like us good self-respecting folk”.

It’s the extreme, not the norm.


I was having a conversation with a dear friend the other day about intentional community & he was excited listing all these amazing possibilities, and all I could think to myself was,

this is Church, not how it is now, but how it’s supposed to be“.

To me it’s sad when we’ve had to come up with terms for what it is to essentially be christian.

They didn’t have intentional community or radical hospitality back in the day, they just did it.


So I guess I’m just doing it.


I’m looking for a place now. I’ve had more people excited about this than I could have hoped for.

I’ve had just as many pull out.


Who knows what this will look like in the future or where it goes…

all I know is that if I don’t do something now, I never will.



When it’s all said & done I want my life to be about more than my own entertainment & the accumulation of stuff.


What if we lived the opposite of Wasichu, and gave our best away.

I’m not going to walk past another homeless person in the street.


It’s going to get messy.

It’s going to be an adventure.

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