Dear Church, Pink & Mr President

I’ve heard Pink’s, “Dear Mr. President” , a couple of times over the last few days, I like it.

It’s a powerful song, one line gets me every time, take the time to listen to it…


It’s common – maybe because it’s easy – to look to someone else to solve the worlds problems.

The President’s an easy target, he’s meant to be the most powerful man in the world,

it’s just as easy for me to point the finger at Pink.

She has so much more money, contacts, fame, platform etc than I’ll ever have, she’s in a position to do some much more than I could ever imagine doing…


I wonder what some poor kid in Ethiopia would say about what I have? I wonder if his eyes would light up at the possibilities there are with my resources.


Here’s a picture of a church. Keep this in mind.

Winter. It’s dark. It’s cold. It’s Raining.

I’m trudging home, soaked, there’s no point running.

A movement catches my eye and I glance over to my right, to the church in the above picture, to a bundle of tarps and newspaper. To someone doing their best to sleep on this cold wet night, huddled under the pillars, as close as possible to being inside the church while still being outside.

I’m staring across the road, the rain glistens as it passes through a street lamps glow & mixes with tears on my face.

Something about what I’m seeing seems so inherently wrong…




F’d up.


This person needs shelter.

There is a perfectly good shelter right there.

Aren’t churches meant to be places of refuge?



I’ve had discussions with people and hear all about, insurance policies, fire policies, liabilities etc.

They sort of made sense, it made good business sense…

when did church stop being Church,

when did church become a business?



The lyric in Pink’s song is right at the beginning,

“What do you feel when you see all the homeless on the street?”.

I’ll tell you what I feel…

With as many churches as there are in Christchurch we shouldn’t have homelessness.


But that’s besides the point, I can’t write “Dear Church” here. Church is people not a place anyway.

What I have to write is,


“Dear Me,

what are you doing about it”.

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