bagged & tagged: the death of…

The easiest way to kill an idea is not to interact with it and prove it wrong, but to label it or the persons supporting it & dismiss it.


You may have the greatest idea for the development of humanity,  but if  I call you racist, I never have to interact with the idea, instead I’ve decided I don’t like your idea, therefore I don’t like you, therefore it is easier for me to attack you with emotive labels rather than interact with you.


Try it it works really really well.

“you are a *insert label here

Some of my favourites are, racist, anti Semite, liberal, conservative, tree hugging hippy, fundamentalist, crazy….




These labels and others like them, work like toe tags.




bag’d & tag’d another dead idea.




Part of a series of posts reflecting on the release of Rob Bell’s Love Wins book, they are, love wins, neighbours, bagged & tagged, you want answers?!, and Love doesn’t win: a sad tale of two men.


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