Artists Inspiring Action – Awareness is powerless without action. From child sex slaves in Cambodia, to the poverty and corruption in Haiti, Love cannot be a concept, it can only be demonstrated with action.


Hyperbole and a half – Hilarious stories combined with illustrative genius!


Musings of a Slacker – this site is a platform for me to help resource young Christians in their pilgrimage as they wrestle with various questions.


Peter Enns Rethinking Biblical Christianity – Peter has a bunch of qualifications and has taught at bunch of seminaries & universities… his posts are good, very good. I shall be visiting this blog a lot.


SEED – the postings of a youngish, middle-aged and eventually older man, hoping to plant just one heavenly seed of thought on earth before going to meet his Maker.


Tall Skinny Kiwi – traveling around the world with my family in a 4×4 truck to see the world that god loves, to eat unusual food {but not too unusual} and to help change the world by telling stories, throwing parties, making friends and giving gifts. I am interested in spirituality and religion as it collides with new media and the emerging culture.

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