if you’re going to San Francisco…

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be sure to wear some flowers in your hair…

and a jacket.


San Francisco has been a refreshing change of pace, from its crisp air, hilly suburbs, funky boutique stores & bourbon coffees. Here’s a few thoughts as wait to catch the next plane.

San Francisco: I could live here, shades of Wellington.

Favorite Places: Alcatraz (without people), Mission District, Upper Haight, Haight St.

Places to avoid: Alcatraz (with people), the Wharf areas on a nice day (if you dislike tourists).

Low: snorers

High: talking life & sharing a coffee with Sheryl, a homeless lady in her 50’s.

Accommodation: Fort Mason Hostel.

If there is a scale, 1 being a funeral home & 10 being a Roman orgy, then a party hostel would be an 8-9. Waikiki hit an 8 on a few nights, a 6.5 on the best nights.

7 is a good time buzz, great crew & good stories, unlike other scales 7 is the best. Waikiki hit a 6.5 on my last night.

Fort Mason is a 5, a 3 would be sitting in a library. Sometimes Fort Mason resembles sitting in a library. When alcohol can only be served & consumed in the cafe surely that must lead to good conversation elsewhere.

Nope. It leads to a lot of people pretending they’re in a library.

It’s redeeming features are the view, hilltop view of Golden Gate Bridge & Alcatraz. Superb breakfasts, organic-fair trade-blah-blah-hippy food, amazing coffee.

A ‘5’ hostel is a nice change of pace. Calm before the storm.

Missed Moments: Gutted the ‘day in the life of the homeless’ thing never worked out. It ended up costing me quite a bit in cancelled/new flights & accommodation. On an already tight budget (any big-ticket activities have been purchased long ago) this made a few days interesting (almost tried selling my NFL ticket), but thankfully my parents helped me out a little 🙂 This also meant I’ll miss a day in Vegas & a day in Long Beach, where there is also a high homeless population, and I’d hoped to do a couple of lines for a spoken word I’m compiling here.

crystal cathedral (1)

On the flip-side there were a bunch of people, encounters & conversations that wouldn’t have happened had I stuck to the plan. Some times the long shot pays off, sometimes it doesn’t… and on that note, see you in Vegas.

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