Swim with the Fishes

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Last night I thought I’d hit the,jackpot with my room, I’m in an 8 person dorm split into 2 rooms. I had one room to myself & the Aussie dude had the other…

It was short-lived, some guy came smashing through at 4am.

At 7am I’m on my way to the North Shore (other side of the Island) to look at some fish…

You’re in a cage with about 5 other people. The first time someone else bumps into you, you sh!t yourself… after that it’s just spectacular. We got a really calm clear day & could see 12-15 sharks out, which we were told was higher than normal.

How they attract the sharks is very cool. Basically for the last 50years crab boats have been stopping in this place and discarding the damaged crabs or the ones that are too small & the sharks come eat them. So the dive boat is fitted with the exact same engine, nothing is thrown into the water, the sharks come because  the engine sound/vibrations mean feeding time…. and then we hop into the water in a cage 🙂

On my return I chill at the beach for a bit, catching this sunset.


High: Sharks, magnificent.

Low: the guy that crashed through at 4am was gone when I returned, just a layover to his next destination, he took all my toothpaste & toiletries etc

I could never get tired of: Sitting on the beach watching the sunset.

Random Conversation: Random well dressed guy (RWDG) stops me as I’m walking down a busy street,

RWDG: “hey are you from Australia?”

Me: “Nah, New Zealand”

RWDG: “Are you from Auckland or Wellington?”

Me: instantly impressed. “Christchurch”

… conversation carries on a little bit…

RWDG: “Do you know Charlie?”

Me: yeah cause I live on an island with a population of 200 people. “Who?”

RWDG: “you know Charlie… (me looking puzzled) … Charlie man… nose-candy”

New Experience: Someone trying to sell me crack.


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