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A shuttle picks me up at, 3.30 am, I’m on my way to the airport (on 3hrs sleep), and off to Kauai. I only have time to visit one other island, it was a tossup between Kauai or Maui. I chose Kauai because of pictures like these.

Napali Coast


I share my shuttle ride with a Grandmother, Mum & Daughter who are on their way to Maui for 2 days, I’m only in Kauai for the day.

Hawaiian Airlines were really average, they’ve just moved from “free-for-all” to assigned seating… so you pay extra to pick your seat etc, for a couple of long flights I’ve done that for the leg room, being tall in a plane is not that fun.

I didn’t this time, it’s a short flight. My mistake.

It’s the shortest space between seats of any plane I’ve been on, myself or the person beside me can’t put their tray down. My legs are hard pushed up against the seat & my knees are close to my head… but it’s ok because the emergency exit seats in front of me are empty, there are 7 of 8 seats free.

Except it’s not ok, I’m told I can not move because I didn’t pay the extra to choose my seat… I secretly wish for the plane to crash, because no is sitting there to open the door.

On arrival I stagger to the car rental & get a boring Sedan, the lady makes some comment about it being her last one & in demand… I’ve spied a few Mustang convertibles, so tell her I’d be happy to take one of those instead.

Jackpot! I’m in.

I spend the day driving from one side to the island & then to the other for the sunset. In between I stop at a few secluded beaches, do a couple of walks… oh & I put the Mustang through its paces on a couple of unsealed roads, bottoming out a few times & giving myself a couple of scares.

Thankfully it runs after dark, washing away the worst of my transgressions.

A few clips of the day.

On my flight back to Oahu all the emergency exits are empty, I just take one & “fall asleep” before I actually fall asleep… take that Hawaiian Air.

Kauai is nice, I’m still pretty blown away from the scenery from the day before, there is one massive coastal hike I’d love to do one day.

I get back to my room around 11.30 & crash… epic day.

Quote of the Day: “it’s for newlyweds & old people” –  the group that went to Maui.

High: Secluded beaches & the Mustang

Low: Hawaiian Air

Random Moment: Driving with the roof down & some sort of fruit fell out of a tree & exploded all over the back seat.

Inspiring Moment: On the flight back there is this old couple, kissing, holding hands, laughing & looking madly in love. They’ve been married 45yrs… beautiful.

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