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It’s an absolutely glorious day & I hit the beach early with Brenton, a tatt’d up Aussie surfer & all around top bloke.
So far in our 8 person dorm we haven’t got above 4 and I don’t really see the others.

After sun & swim I get picked up for a TV & films tour… in a hummer (which I would understand later). I’d heard a few complaints about the tour, that there were too many Lost locations…

As a fan of the show I was amping, on the way we stopped outside Lockes dads house & the spot where Mr Echo died (I’m still bitter about that), it’s all very cool they have a big ring binder full of movie stills so you can compare.

Later on this would prove hilarious as you realise how much cgi has gone into certain shots from various movies or how the same location is used multiple times in the same show but dressed up differently. It’s amazing how many movies have all been shot in one little area of Hawaii.

It rains a lot more on this side of the island, so we got to do some sweet off-roading on the way, which seemed to be the highlight of my drivers day, he does the tour 3 times daily so it must do his head in, but I could never get tired of this scenery. Turns out that he was an extra in Lost and played about 3 or 4 parts, we flicked through his phone looking at pics of his scenes & with various actors.

Here’s a “Lost” themed clip of my day.

On my return I pay a quick visit to my new found houseless crew, then recharge batteries, eat, pack & grab an early night (10’s early right?) I’ve got a 3.30am pick tomorrow.


New Experience: the Waikiki beach experience, Hummer.High:  The scenery, even if I wasn’t a Lost fan, it was spectacular.

High:  The scenery, even if I wasn’t a Lost fan, it was spectacular
Low: The couple I went on the tour with had a million toilet breaks & voted ‘nah’ on the Lost Soundtrack being played during our journey… Hawaii five-0  fans, pfft.
Biggest Surprise:  the scenery wins big again…

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