My Live Below the Line Challenge: day 2

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Hangry (Han-gree)

adj. Having a strong feeling of or showing annoyance, displeasure or hostility; a state of anger cause by lack of food.

My day didn’t start as a hangry day, in fact I don’t recall ever being hangry before. Now I’ve been hungry before, and I’ve certainly been tired and grumpy/angry before – would that be trumpy or tangry? – but not hangry.

My alarm went off at 5.30am & full of youthful enthusiasm and excitement for the day I jumped out of bed with the alertness of a meerkat. Most unusual as I am not a morning person, as I’m sure you’ll see as the week progresses, lets put this down as an anomaly.

I got home late last night so didn’t have time to prep anything for today, all I had left was some cooked rice from a missed meal yesterday – another anomaly, I just wasn’t hungry for some reason.


Meal 1: 5:50am Breakfast “banana rice”

1/3 cup rice, 1/2 banana,  milk all mixed together, Yum!


With a full belly & confidence overflowing – who needs food? not me, I survived on 2 meals yesterday, I’m going to own this week! – I headed off on a 50 min walk to work.


10 o’clock – I’m really missing my morning coffee (pretty much essential to my survival on the morning shift, see: not a morning person), and what’s that I feel? could that be hunger? yes, yes it was.


Up until this point my biggest gripe has been technology withdrawal, apart from writing this blog (which publishes straight to facebook in case you were wondering, as I know some of you are, I won’t name names… *cough* Mark *cough*) I’ve managed to stay tech free, no games, no texting, no email, no facebook, no movies, no music.

By “tech free” I guess I’m talking entertainment & communication. I did have it put to me that technology delivers & heats my shower, all I can say is I had enough dribbly-cold showers in Uganda to gain an everlasting appreciation of a hot shower.

So why has no tech been hard… I just wanted to watch some football yesterday, I wanted to check my fantasy scores, I wanted to play some music, I wanted to play some Civ…

Quick Side note: I was introduced to Civilization 5 less than 2 weeks ago & I’m hooked, I may have put in a few hrs with some friends this last week 🙂 The bonus is now I’ll probably stop dreaming in hexagons. The downside is at some stage I’ll probably get the shakes as I go through withdrawal.


12 o’clock – I’m really hungry, my stomach is making funny noises, why didn’t I bring lunch, what was I thinking ?!!

3 o’clock – Home Time!… but it isn’t as I have to stay on. It feels like my stomach is trying to eat itself.

4 o’clock – The Hangry Zone. I pick a kid up from the shops to bring him back to school. He hops into the car with a pizza, it smells Amaaaaaazing! He opens the lid and offers me some. Look at all that cheesy goodness & it’s vege! omg! this is the best looking pizza I have ever seen in my entire life! I smile, I politely decline. I want to smash his head through the window & drag him behind the car, why are you chomping so loudly!

Oh, so that’s what it feels like. I’m hangry.


I leave work just before 5, I get home just before 6, the walk home is freezing. I’m hangrier, I haven’t eaten for 12hrs. I cook a bunch of rice for Dinner, Breakfast & lunch.


Meal 2: 6:30 pm Dinner “mix up”

1/3 tin of beans

1/3 cup of rice

3 spoonfuls of tuna


10 o’clock: My hangry day has drawn to a close.

What I take out of today: If I can survive the temptation of pizza, I should be able to see the week out… and as for you Pizza, you’ll get your comeuppance come Saturday.



You can follow my fund-raising progress here.



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