My Live Below the Line Challenge: the (Rules) Spicy Extras

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We’ve had the what, why & who posts, welcome to the ‘how’, the Spicy Extras. My self-imposed rules & guidelines to add a little flavour to my Live Below the Line challenge.

The challenge is to feed yourself on $2.25 a day for 5 days ($11.25), to raise funds & awareness for those who live in extreme poverty.

The Spicy Extras…


No freebies – no “thanks for the shout bro”, no free stuff, no work provided meals.

One Supermarket – those that live in extreme poverty can’t bounce from place to place chasing specials. Oh, and it has to be within walking distance, because if you’re living off $2.25 a day you don’t have a car, which leads nicely to…

The Car

I make roughly 2.5 trips a day, a trip being, home to work/gym/shops/friends & back. Those that live in poverty don’t have their own car. So I’m going to go car free…

well try to.

Of all the goals this is the one that will be hardest. So if on average I’d take 12.5 trips over a 5 day period, I will consider 2 trips a success.


There is a lot of stuff I have which those that live in poverty don’t. So I’m going to go without them *. With my daily blog update being the exception, there will be no internet, no phone, no TV, no Facebook, no movies, no computer, no gaming, no music… should be a fun week 😐

* exceptions being where they are required for work.

Day One begins I’m off to shop, but I’m just taking $10, I have something a little different planned for Friday 😉

You can follow my fund-raising progress here.

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