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  • An Evangelical Definition of Heresy: From Albert Mohler (head of the SBC) has an interesting 3 tier ptsoiion on heresy:1) The first tier of heresy are those truths which are essential, for example the divinity of Jesus. That is orthodoxy.2) The second tier are those truths which are not essential but are divisive in practice. That is they usually divide into different denominations. For example: infant vs. adult baptism.3) The third tier are those truths that while they may be important, don’t neccesarily require different churches. For example differing views on eschatologyHe defines theological liberalism as treating groups 1 and 2 as if they were in the 3rd group; and fundamentalism as treating the 3rd group as if it were the first. I think that’s an excellent description. Well done Albert!I think the comments on liberalism and fundamentalism are extremely insightful. From my study of the scriptures one should not be excommunicated from a local fellowship for heresy defined by the third tier, but in fundamental churches, it appears as though this happens.Blessings!

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