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uganda mapSome really exciting news… midway through the year I will be heading to Uganda & Southern Sudan for a little under a month with 20+ others, there will be lots of driving, avoiding mosquitoes, searching for clean drinking water, visits to orphanages & victims of war – land mines, child soldiers – churches, & the usual Tear Fund-aid agency stuff as well as some space to adventure a little & to take some risks.


It’s almost become cliché to say

I will learn more from them, than they from me

But I’m under no illusions that this will not be the case, after all what can I offer? I’m no builder, no engineer, no war trauma psych, no doctor, no pastor, no economics micro enterprise guru…

& that’s one of the reason I decided to go.

Too often it’s easy to rely on my own skill set, knowledge & giftings. All I have to offer is this, to love everyone I meet & a willingness to take risks.

I expect to be stretched, to be totally out of my comfort zone…. I can’t wait 🙂




and in completely lesser news… site update: I’ve done away with “Blogroll” & instead have “Blogosphere“, which I will use to share posts & articles created by others that I’ve stumbled on, stuff that really “pops” for me, the best of the best as it were.


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