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I’ve had the privilege of being involved with a wonderfully talented group of people in planning & launching a new church service. It’s been almost a couple of years since our City church was damaged beyond repair in the Christchurch earthquakes, here are some reflections & hopes going forward.


We have been sharing a church building with a Baptist church, it’s a thing of beauty. A Baptist & Vineyard church sharing facilities & sometimes services. Long may it last, I wish this would happen more.


Recently I was told that only two churches were remaining in the CBD as part of the rebuild plan, the rest will have to find new buildings elsewhere.  And while I share a sense of sadness for those who have been in the city for decades, I can’t help but feel a little excited.

Maybe we were guilty of hiding behind closed doors, of letting our buildings do the talking for us…

I’m excited for the possibilities & what new things may come, as we wrestle with what it means for the Church to have a presence in the city.


Real Church rarely happens in church. While I love that our new service is at CPIT, it will take more than location to change a culture which increasingly is content with a couple of hours on a Sunday morning being the extent of my faith.

My hope is that this service will be both a celebration of the week been & equipping, encouraging for the week to come.

That it wouldn’t be “Church”.

That it would be a service that facilitates Church happening the rest of the week.



And while I’m only a small part, it’s still a chance to get my grubby little hands in the muck & hopefully leave some fingerprints on it. Where are you leaving your fingerprints?






ps. I’ve also added “the author” page, so that you can know more about me… to put me in a box & dismiss my point of view 😉

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