One bite at a time

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I’m hungry, I want to eat. But the meal is massive, there is no way I can finish it all, I’ll hardly make a dent in it, it’s too much effort, it’s overwhelming… I might as well not try.

So I don’t.

I walk away from the table. From the meal that seems impossible to finish… still hungry.

One day I’d like to try.



The most common feedback I hear is that it is too overwhelming… “yea I’d like to do this”, “I’d like to try that”… but it’s just too much, it’s easier not to.

And you’re right, it is easier not to… and it is overwhelming.

But wouldn’t it be weird to want to make or effect some change and do nothing?


Wouldn’t that be like being hungry & not taking a bite? Then maybe that’s the answer…


one bite at a time.


Let me ask you this, What’s one small area of your world –  be it personal or in the world around you – that you’re not happy with… that isn’t as it should be & what can you do about it?

Maybe it’s as simple as starting to do a little research, maybe it’s committing to one tiny little change in your life.

One bite at a time.





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