Atheists, Gays, Politics & other non-family friendly Christmas tales…

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I must be a bit of a Grinch for posting this on Christmas day…

so maybe you should read it tomorrow.

It just happens that everyone is napping off Christmas lunch and I have had spare moment to finish this off.



I’ve found myself much more interested in politics than years past, partly as a result of it being an Election year,… and on the way to casting my vote I learnt a few things.

1) For 3/4 of my christian friends, being christian meant I couldn’t vote Green, to suggest so would be met with  a shocked gasp.

2) For 1/4 of my christian friends, if I didn’t vote Green I clearly didn’t love God.

3) I’m not Family Friendly. It’s true. It came as shock to myself, but if you have a family it’s best you keep them away from me.

4) It now appears as if the best Christian advocate within parliament is an atheist.

This video has been bouncing all over the place this last week,  it’s worth the investment of time. Dr. Norman (co-leader of the Greens), not only seems to understand more about aspects of Christianity than most christians do, but spoke more on them than I recall any “christian” politician ever doing.

Well said.

And surprisingly “family friendly” for a non-family friendly MP/Party.

Which brings me back to the shocking discovery that I’m not family friendly.

Along with all the other political stuff posted by my dear friends on Facebook one chart interested me in particular. It was a chart comparing all the party’s views on certain issues & awarding them smiley faces :)if they were family friendly towards the issue…

I didn’t get many smiley faces 😦

Lets take Gay marriage for example, to oppose it would earn a smiley face, to be for it or ambivalent towards it would earn a sad face or frown. Now maybe I’m just naive or ignorant, but how is gay marriage detrimental to the family?

Clearly I am naive, as for others, both here & around the world gay marriage is a huge issue. Big enough to yell abuse & wave angry signs, big enough to march on parliament. Yet strangely if you drop the “marriage” & call it something else, even if it’s essentially the same, this is not worth protesting about.

Big enough, that judging by the christian reaction its far more important than say,

poverty, neglect or child abuse,

no one marches on parliament for these glaring issues within our society. In fact friends who struggle to raise funds for volunteer organisations which work with kids from backgrounds of abuse & neglect would probably be better served by promising to transform these kids into placard-waving-anti gay protesters.

Can’t we check our priorities over what the big issues are, over what really is a threat to the family? I struggle to see how a gay couple are  worse for families than domestic violence.

Of course it’s easier to be anti gay than actually do something positive for a stranger, a struggler, someone marginalised or minimalized.


So while I may not be family friendly, I’m glad my family is friendly & I get to spend some time with them these holidays, some time thinking about my priorities, what I value, what I should be valuing…

Some time being thankful for a God who intervened in history, one who does care greatly with how we treat each other & the world around us. Thanks Dr.Norman, great sermon speech.


  • So you can’t handle people who don’t affirm your views when they differ from your own because they have an orthodox faith. Shame really.

  • I find the last part of your blog name fitting heresey, you are far from orthodox beliefs homosexuality is wrong in the bible. Your opinion has nothing to do wit it, it is worse than poverty, abuse etc

  • Anonymous & bible believer, thanks for your comments, I’ll address them both together as they cover similar ground, namely orthodoxy.
    First of all I love the fact that their is vast diversity within Christianity & I consider it an honour to have friends from a variety of Christian backgrounds (& other belief systems for that matter). I have found this adds a richness to my faith & I love discussion about what people believe & how this shapes their lives, regardless of my agreement. So I think I can “handle” differing belief ok 🙂

    The purpose of the post was not to comment on my beliefs about homosexuality, but to ask that, regardless of our beliefs to it, aren’t our reactions & actions disproportionate when compared to other issues within society.
    Which I believe they are.
    I don’t believe this lopsidedness is orthodox (which is why I raise the question).
    If you look throughout Church history, the Church fathers, Scripture & the words of Jesus they are overwhelmingly advocating for the poor, the marginalised, mistreated & oppressed.
    So shouldn’t this be what we are about?
    Because if you ask any person on the street, which of the statements rings true for you?, “Christians are for the poor & oppressed”, or “Christians are against gays”, I know which one will resonate more and this is a result of our disproportionate reactions/actions.

    • While people might well say Christians are against gays as opposed to being for the poor and oppressed, the overwhelming majority of NGO work around the world with the poor and oppressed is done by Christians. I guess this raises the question do we judge people by what they do or what they say? For me, I’m always curious when people such as the blogger set up straw men and take cheap and ill-informed shots at Christians at what their agenda is as often it’s against the Church yet, not witn standing it’s far from perfect, it’s what Jesus established, upholds, and is coming back for!

      • I agree with you that the Church is far from perfect, I do my fair share of contributing to that problem 🙂
        Unfortunately recent events & conversations with those both in NZ and abroad show me that this straw man is very much alive.

  • http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/europe/6234998/Gay-marriage-a-threat-to-humanity-Pope
    Pope Benedict says gay marriage is one of several threats to the traditional family that undermines “the future of humanity itself”. He told diplomats from nearly 180 countries that the education of children needed proper “settings” and that “pride of place goes to the family, based on the marriage of a man and a woman. This is not a simple social convention, but rather the fundamental cell of every society. Consequently, policies which undermine the family threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself,” he said.

  • Just to add my two cent’s worth, the greatest mistake we can make as human beings is to assume that Jesus is some humanitarian. We need to appreciate that He is Lord and that He can send people to hell. I think this is part of the deity of Jesus that we find hard to understand in our day and age because we are so high and mighty based on our knowledge and religion. Yes Jesus died for all, but it was the consequences of sin that caused him to die. This sin includes homosexuality, lack of caring to the poor. For you to pit one against the other i.e. it is better to be caring for the poor than to be against gay marriage is in itself a contortion of the Gospel which is “Repent and turn from your sins”.
    Every child deserves to have a father and a mother and for you to compare gay marriage as being better than domestic violence is a humanistic irrational argument. The very foundations of society is based on the union between man and woman

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