Reflections: one year on

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Yea I get it, I haven’t posted in a while.

I’m not sure why that is… the busyness of life, apathy, lack of motivation,  inspiration or energy.

Getting too caught up in life’s dramas.

Being stagnant.

Becoming too cynical to care.

I still have posts/drafts unpublished, in various stages of readiness, some started a little over a year ago when this blog started.  For some I’m waiting for a little bit more, or the timing to feel right… others I’m just too scared to post.

Here’s a few reflections looking back on the last year of posts & the promise of things to come…


Pills – I’m still wandering around the rabbit hole, the more I learn the more I realise how little I know.

Coffee – I’m to much of a talker.

Heresy – “God hasn’t finished with me yet”

Slow Hunch – I’m too impatient

blind – Sight’s a beautiful thing, yet sometimes I choose to be blind…. it’s easier

tree hugging conspiracy – the first conspiracy whisper, many more to come…

my iPhone challenge – a long overdue update is due

Wasichu – ouch, reading this still cuts me deep

i need to learn more how to pray –  I’ve been so richly blessed with some amazing people who inspire me and provoke


Dear church, pink, president  –  stagnant. this one has left me frustrated because it hasn’t happened in my timing…

dear me –  my greatest fear is that it wont happen, something I’m still very passionate about, more coming here over the summer.

tumbling – it’s almost summer, I’m very excited!!!!


Are you not entertained – I hope this isn’t all just entertainment


earthquake proof bubbles – I guess looking back here I didn’t quite appreciate just how traumatic it was for some, & painting a fence was for some people the only thing they felt they had control of….. still we do love our bubbles.

ring the bells that still can ring – I don’t do this enough, take the time to celebrate the small joys, especially in the chaos.

things I’ve seen – most read post, by a long way. Incredibly proud of how people/churches/communities responded. Still blown away by the giving of stuff & self…. and some of it is still seen on sunshine days 🙂

Patience – I love quotes, struggle with patience… am thinking a new look site with lots more quotes, I love quotes

love wins? we do love our stormy tea cups

neighbours and

bagged & tagged – labels, grrrr! more to come…

you want answers?!– so ummm, a lot of people didn’t like this one

love doesn’t win – I heart all rob bell’s, I’ll try to anyway


whispers of influence – you can always create beauty


ha ha Osama!!! – it’s just easier to hate


Walkabout – never again. I struggle to believe I did this, one of the most painful & rewarding experiences of my life, the world is beautiful.

Final reflections: I need to proof read more 🙂

Looking forward to another year & an updated look.

Thanks for taking the time to read & for the feedback – both good & bad.

Until next time, thanks!

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